Expert Witness services

Dr John Bevan's expert witness services include acting as:

- An advisor and/or
- A 'Part 35' Expert or
- A 'Part 35' Single Joint Expert

Dr John Bevan specialises in diving accidents and injuries in professional, military and recreational cases and related loss of earnings. He has been retained by claimants, defendants and has acted as a single joint expert.


Dr John Bevan uses the model form of Expert's Report which was developed by the Academy of Experts' Judicial Committee (a committee of senior members of the Judiciary, chaired by a Law Lord) to provide Experts with a 'judge friendly' format which would be accepted by the courts.

Dr John Bevan is an accredited, practising member of the Academy of Experts and complies with the Academy's Code of Practice and he is registered with the Law Society. He has High Court (13 cases), Court of Sessions (2 cases) and Admiralty Court (1 case) experience. He has concluded 114 cases since 1991.

Dr John Bevan has attended the following Expert Witness training courses:

- Advanced Courtroom Skills; Bond Solon (1993)
- Report Writing; The Academy of Experts (July 1993)
- Day in Court; The Academy of Experts (April 1999)
- The Single Joint Expert; The Academy of Experts (June 1999)
- The Expert's Report; The Academy of Experts (October 2001)
- The Civil Procedures Rules; The Academy of Experts (April 2002)
- Expert Discussions; Bond Solon Training (July 2003)
- Criminal Rule Explained; The Academy of Experts (November 2006)
- Law for Experts & Dispute Resolvers; (2008)
- Advanced Expert Report Writing; Professional Solutions (2009)

Specialising in the areas of:

Project Management

Underwater accident investigation and expert witness services


Dr John Bevan:



Dr John Bevan
Chairman & Managing Director
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