Curriculum Vitae

John Bevan BSc MSc PhD FSUT FAE

Subsea qualifications and experience:

BSc (Hons (University of London) Zoology and Physiology, 1967
MSc (University of London) in neurophysiology of deep diving, 1970
PhD (University of London) in development of diving equipment, 1990
Professional Diver (HSE Parts 1, 3 & 4; AODC Cert No 3005)
Royal Navy Ship's Diver Officer, No 218
Saturation Life-Support Supervisor
First Class Diver (BSAC/World Underwater Federation)
Three Star (NUIA) Diving Instructor (BSAC/World Underwater Federation)
Past National Diving Coach, Southern Region (BSAC)
Six years as a diving research scientist (MoD, Royal Naval Scientific Service)
Twenty one years in the diving industry
Thirty three years total diving experience
Submersible Observer; 100 hours diving time in Pisces, PC, LR & Mantis Class submersibles and OMB free-swimming observation bell and Jim ADS

Learned Society affiliations:

- Society for Underwater Technology, Fellow, 1969.
- Academy of Experts, Fellow, 1993.
- Historical Diving Society, Founding Chairman, 1990

Subsea management experience:

Diving incident and accident investigation

ROV operations
Wreck investigation

(to 3,600m)
Cable burial
Film Production

Expert Witness
Diving equipment personal experience:

Breathing Apparatus
Self contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA).
Swimmer's air breathing apparatus (RN, SABA).
Surface demand diver's equipment (RN, SDDE).
Closed circuit, oxygen rebreather.
Free-flow helmet (standard dress and modern).
Band masks, demand/free-flow.
Demand/free-flow helmets.
Push-pull (closed-circuit, return line) system.

Breathing Gases
Oxygen (to 15m)
Oxy-argon (to 30m)
Air (to 90m)
Heliox (to 450m)


Wet, Dry,
Electrically heated,
Hot water

Areas dived:

England, Channel Islands, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Shetlands, North Sea, Norway, France, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Sardinia, Malta, Israel, Egypt, New Zealand, Palau, Guadeloupe, Bahamas, Cuba, Mozambique.

1976 - present

1995 - present

1974 - 1976

1972 - 1974

1967 - 1972
Submex Ltd


Comex-John Brown

Comex Diving Ltd

Ministry of Defence
Chairman & Managing Director.

"Underwater Contractor International"

Diving Consultant

Manager, Technical, Training & Safety Department

Head, Environmental Factors Section Higher Scientific Officer Royal Naval Scientific Service


Dr John Bevan
Chairman and Managing Director of Submex Limited :


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Dr John Bevan
Chairman & Managing Director
Submex Limited
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