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Pisces III 1500 respiration Stealth Shell Brent Bravo JB Oxygen

Pisces III
410 ft down in the North Sea. Taking a break whilst surveying the Shell FLAGS gas pipeline in Pisces III submersible.

Experimental dive 1500ft
Respiration experiment (MoD Navy) at 450 metres.

Stealth rebreather
Military, mixed gas, closed circuit, rebreather, evaluation dive.

Shell Brent Bravo
Emergency escape breathing apparatus trial on Shell Brent Bravo platform, North Sea.

Oxygen rebreather
Hyperbaric oxygen tolerance experiment, Portsmouth Fire Brigade.
deep sea helmet JB Normalair JB Normalair SDO Royal Navy Divex helmet

Deep sea helmet
Demand helmet evaluation trial.

Return line system
Evaluation of the Normalair return line breathing system.

Return line system Picture 2

Surface supplied equipment
SSDE equipment, Royal Navy Ships Diver Officer course.

Free-flow helmet
Evaluation of the Divex free-flow diving helmet.

SCUBA diving Danish deep sea helmet Return line system Comex band mask Through-water communications

SCUBA diving

Deep sea helmet
Traditional hard hat equipment evaluation. Danish, Hansen, 2-bolt helmet.
Return Line system
Comex band mask
Evaluation trial of surface supplied band mask.
Through-water communications
Evaluation of Subcom through-water communication system
Aquadyne demand helmet SCUBA dive at 100 ft, Oban, Scotland SCUBA dive    
Aquadyne demand helmet
Evaluation of an Aquadyne demand diving helmet
SCUBA dive
Site survey for a proposed underwater living experiment at 100 ft, Oban, Scotland
SCUBA dive
Survey of wreck site of HMS Royal George in the Solent

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