Project Management

John Bevan has wide experience of project management of subsea operations including:

Offshore North Sea, diving safety supervision on saturation diving operations; this has involved spending many seasons working offshore on diving and submersible support vessels of every description. He has worked closely with diving superintendents and supervisors controlling the work activities of the divers and supervising safety on behalf of offshore oil and gas operators.

Examples of previous projects include:

Safety audits of air and saturation diving plant and equipment onboard diving support vessels, jack-up platforms, semi-submersible drilling rigs, monohull and semi-submersible pipelay barges, from the UK to the Far East.

Safety management of saturation diving trials to 1,000 feet including simulated and open sea trials; this involved detailed planning and supervision of diver tasks, use of tools and life support supervision.

The inaugural Manager of Underwater Services for British Gas, responsible for diving safety at all British Gas offshore diving operations; this involved establishing the company's entire diving safety procedures, risk assessments, contractual aspects of diving safety, representation with government bodies and offshore investigation of diving accidents.

Offshore management of a major, 2-year salvage operation recovering a crashed DC-9 aircraft from 3,600 metres water depth in the Mediterranean Sea, for the Italian government.

Offshore investigation of the sunken trawler Gaul in 800 feet water depth, in the Barents Sea off northern Russia in conjunction with the UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch.

Specialising in the areas of:

Project Management

Underwater accident investigation and expert witness services


Dr John Bevan:



Dr John Bevan
Chairman & Managing Director
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